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Photo: Oak Ridge Mural by Megan Lingerfelt – West Tennessee Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN

Welcome to the East Tennessee Economic Council!

ETEC is an independent, regional, non-profit, membership organization created in the early 1970s, dedicated to supporting the federal government’s missions in East Tennessee, as well as seeking new ways to create prosperity, promote regional development, and explore opportunities for growth.

ETEC Friday Meetings

Featured Fridays with the ETEC Board

August 26 @ 7:30 am - 8:30 am

No ETEC, Happy Labor Day!

September 2 @ 7:30 am - 8:30 am

About ETEC

Organized in 1973, the East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC) is an independent, regional, non-profit membership organization dedicated to supporting the federal government’s missions in Oak Ridge as well as encouraging new opportunities to fully utilize the highly-skilled talent, cutting-edge technologies and unique facilities that make up the federal reservation, the University of Tennessee complex, and the TVA region.

ETEC works in strong partnership with federal contractors, DOE and NNSA representatives, state officials, small businesses, and other local economic development organizations to seek new ways to use federal investments in science and security to create prosperity, promote regional development, and explore opportunities for growth.


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Business Lunch Live

Join us for our quarterly Business Lunch Live, a joint event series to promote community connection for Oak Ridge Chamber and ETEC members. Details on the next event coming soon.

Nuclear Opportunities Workshop

The East Tennessee Economic Council’s nuclear suppliers event returns in 2022 as the Nuclear Opportunities Workshop (NOW). Join us in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on August 1 for an evening reception (5-7 pm) at AMSE and all day on August 2 (7 am–5 pm), for an industry conference at Bridgewater Place in Knoxville, Tennessee. To register click the image above.

DOE's Impact

DOE’s Oak Ridge Reservation is an economic engine for the state of Tennessee. ETEC recently completed a study of the effects of DOE’s investment in Tennessee for fiscal year 2020. The report examines job creation, state GDP growth, private-sector procurements, payroll and pension disbursement, state and local tax contributions, community development, as well as the ripple effects of this spending. Click here to view the report.

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