The Nuclear Working Group is made up of ETEC members who work in the nuclear industry and are interested in promoting East Tennessee as a great place to do business.

Below is a report on the activities of the working group as given to the ETEC Board of Directors.

Networking at the Nuclear Suppliers Workshop held at Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex’s New Hope Center on August 27, 3019

ETEC Nuclear Working Group
Report to the Board of Directors
October 25, 2019

This year the nuclear working group hosted three events that attracted many companies and nearly 400 attendees from across the Americas. Group members attended several other events, including the ORNL Molten Salt Reactor Conference earlier this month, the National Cleanup Caucus meeting in Washington D.C., the DOE Cleanup Workshop in Alexandria, VA, and the ETEBA Business Opportunities and Technical Conference in Knoxville.

The mission of the group, as of the council itself, is to support the growth of federal missions, encourage the deployment of new technologies in the region, and grow manufacturing in East Tennessee.

This year’s focus was on:

  • Deployment of advanced reactors at the Clinch River site
  • Growing the nuclear qualified workforce in the region
  • Supporting initiatives around radiopharmaceuticals
  • Developing opportunities around nuclear fuel manufacturing
  • Supporting the research and development, national security and environmental management missions in DOE’s nuclear portfolio.
  • Facilitating partners for ORNL’s development of the transformational reactor.

Event Details:

Nuclear Industry Mixer 6.20.19

ETEC hosted the Nuclear Energy Institute’s SMR Start board meeting and reception in Oak Ridge this June. The meeting included representatives from 20 companies and utilities interested in deploying advanced and small modular reactors. Attendees at the reception included the ETEC Board, community leaders, State of Tennessee officials, and young professionals attending the Millennial Nuclear Caucus who were interning at various sites around Oak Ridge.

Partnering with DOE’s Nuclear Energy program, ETEC hosted one of DOE NE’s Millennial Nuclear Caucuses. The day-long event covered all the subjects mentioned above, and allowed a registered audience of around 200 young people to interact with industry representatives, including the SMR Start Board, at Y-12’s New Hope Center.

Finally, ETEC hosted the 3rd annual Nuclear Suppliers Workshop at the New Hope Center in August. For the first time, that meeting had an international flavor with representatives from INVAP in Argentina and Ontario Power and Light from Canada. Several of the companies in attendance are actively seeking locations for test facilities (a couple in East Tennessee), and almost all of the companies have relationships with ORNL and Y-12. The meeting reiterated the importance of the workforce, particularly in the construction and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Great Sponsors

All these activities were financially self-sufficient, including supporting the staff time involved in performing these events, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. Over the past three years, we have been figuring out what works. And most importantly, we are building a reputation for creating quality events for nuclear industry representatives. We appreciate our featured exhibitor, ORNL, and the sponosrs shown below for making these 2019 events a great success.

The working group is chaired by Bob Morris.