Y-12/Pantex NNSA ‘Virutal Office’

The NNSA Production Office overseeing the Y-12/Pantex work will be more of a “virtual office.”

NNSA-LogoThe National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) confirmed that Steve Erhart, the designated federal manager for the combined Y-12/Pantex mangement contract, will move to Oak Ridge a month or two in advance of the contract award. Erhart currently is NNSA’s site manager at Pantex.

Despite that decision, there apparently will be no official location for the so-called NNSA Production Office overseeing the Y-12 and Pantex work. An NNSA official said that will be more of a “virtual office,” with a federal deputy at each site.

“There’s really no winners or losers here,” the NNSA official said.

The reason Erhart is moving to Oak Ridge is that he is already familiar with Pantex, the NNSA official said. “He knows every corner of Pantex,” he said.

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Source: Frank Munger | Atomic City Underground | Knoxville News Sentinel
Image: National Nuclear Security Administration