White House, GOP Fail to Reach Budget Agreement

A partial shutdown of the U.S. government appeared increasingly imminent as White House talks between President Obama and congressional leaders ended — publicly, at least — in stalemate.

Money_Out_of_HatIn an unscheduled appearance before White House reporters just hours after the talks, Obama insisted that a deal on current-year funding is still possible this week — as long as all parties involved “act like grown-ups” and agree to compromise.

The president rejected a GOP proposal to keep government funded for another week, if Democrats agree to cut $12 billion in the current year’s budget. Congress over the past six months has already passed six temporary funding measures to keep government open.

Obama and Senate Democrats have agreed to $73 billion in cuts from the administration’s original budget proposal. It’s the same amount in cuts, he said, that Boehner first proposed before the restive GOP House caucus demanded cuts totaling $100 billion, and policy additions that would specifically defund programs.

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Source: Liz Halloran |NPR