What Makes Nations Thrive?

The world is sharply divided by levels of well-being, according to a recent survey.

Denmark, Sweden, and Canada lead the world in high-well being — the percent of people who say they are “thriving” in life, according to a newly released survey by the Gallup Organization. The U.S. ranked 12th, behind Panama and Venezuela. Nineteen countries registered high rates of well-being, with more than half of their populations reporting that they are thriving in their day-to-day lives.

Countries Where Majorities Are Thriving (in 2010)
Paperdolls-Across-GlobeDenmark – 72%
Sweden – 69%
Canada – 69%
Australia – 65%
Finland – 64%
Venezuela – 64%
Israel – 63%
New Zealand – 63%
Netherlands – 62%
Ireland – 62%
Panama – 61%
United States – 59%

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Source: Richard Florida | The Atlantic