Watch & Listen – A Few Local Podcasts & Video Series

DOE EM Site 101 Videos e – New five-minute “site 101” videos are available on DOE’s EM website, providing a brief history and the current cleanup mission status. The videos are highlighted on new site-specific web pages that provide a “one-stop-shop” for high-level information about each site.   /

ORNL Podcasts – The Sound of Science, A podcast that lets you hear the voices behind the scientific breakthroughs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Listen on Apple Podcasts or use this RSS feed to add a new subscription in any podcast player. & Fusion Is Now – Video Released by ORNL At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, we are working to make fusion energy a reality.

AMSE Cast – Podcasts by the American Museum of Science and Energy. Listen here:

And bite-sized videos about the museum found at these links: Riley AMSE Intro; Riley Element Test; Riley learns some Big Science; Riley and racial inequality during the Manhattan Project; Riley learns about the Calutron Girls; Riley learns some Environmental Restoration

UCOR’s New video Series, Conversations with Ken, features UCOR President and CEO Ken Rueter discussing topics impacting UCOR’s work and workplace. Several videos will be released in December. In the new year, we will have quarterly chats with Ken: