The videos on this page are about Oak Ridge, key federal programs found here as well as some history.  Newer videos will be added to the top of the page.


ORNL’s Dr. Thomas Zacharia speaks in an op-ed for the National Council on Competitiveness

“Innovation is the foundation of American prosperity and economic competitiveness.”


Honoring Morgan Smith of CNS Y-12 National Security Complex & Pantex on his Retirement, ETEC Meeting 8.14.20

Speakers: Jim Campbell, Adam DeMella, Eric Abelquist, and Morgan Smith


Tribute to Joe Lenhard, ETEC Board Meeting 7.24.20
Speakers: Johnny Moore and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann

ETTP Project Update – K-1220 Pull-down

ETEC’s After Hours Event – May 27, 2020

ORNL in the Fight Against COVID-19’s Last Look: Scientists Team up to Tackle COVID-19

Source: |April 5, 2020

The Oak Ridge Corridor: No Better Place

Source: ORNL | November 22, 2019

An Update on the Exascale Computing Project

Source: Inside HPC | August 22, 2018

Source: Knoxville News Sentinel | January 26, 2018


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For 75 years, ORNL has answered America’s calls for cutting-edge science and innovation…



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