UT-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute Researcher Training Manufacturers to Ease Supply Chain Crisis

Source: WBIR News | Vinay Simlot | November 19, 2021

Dr. Tony Schmitz is researching better ways to manufacture while teaching those who want to learn manufacturing.

One of the issues causing the supply chain crisis around the U.S. is a lack of skilled manufacturers, according to a White House Document released earlier this year. 

Dr. Tony Schmitz is a researcher for the UT-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute, who studies machine tooling. Under a Department of Defense (DoD) project, Dr. Schmitz works to better understand manufacturing and train skilled machinists. 

“Everything you touch was touched by a machine tool first,” Dr. Schmitz said. 

That White House report said the workforce in the U.S. does not have the skills to maintain a strong supply chain in this country.

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