Unmasked: Top Oxford University professor codenamed ‘Agent Marta’ who handed over nuclear secrets to Czech spies and met her handler in Miss Selfridge

Source: Daily Mail.com | TOM KELLY FOR THE MAIL INVESTIGATIONS UNIT | May 31, 2021

  • Professor Jirina Stone briefed Czech agents on British and American research
  • The leading nuclear scientist even snooped on her unknowing scientist husband 
  • She was highly rated by handlers whom she met in secret in clothes shops 
  • She told the Mail her actions were necessary to stop retribution against her children who had remained in her native Czechoslovakia

An Oxford academic spent years handing over nuclear intelligence in clandestine meetings with communist spies, a Daily Mail investigation reveals today.

Professor Jirina Stone, who is still a leading nuclear scientist, briefed agents from her native Czechoslovakia on sensitive British and American research after emigrating here in the mid-1980s, according to a dossier of newly declassified files from the Security Services archive in Prague.

She even snooped on her unknowing British husband – another Oxford academic and eminent nuclear scientist who married her after leaving his wife and three children – by copying some of his confidential documents to pass to her Czech spymasters, the documents claim.

Having kept her Cold War role secret since the collapse of communism, Professor Stone – formerly Rikovska – remains a highly respected and active nuclear scientist, who published her most recent paper in January this year.

Now 82, she is still a visiting researcher at Oxford University and an Adjunct Professor of Physics at the University of Tennessee, where she moved after retirement from Oxford.

She is also listed on the US government’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which specialises in nuclear research.

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