UniTech Services Group Continues to Provide PPE to the North American Nuclear Industry During Pandemic

Source: UniTech Services Group | Release | April 3, 2020

The company does not foresee significant service disruptions through Q2.

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impacts global supply chains, UniTech Services Group will supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to the North American nuclear industry with no
anticipated service disruptions through Q2 2020.

“We understand our importance as a critical supplier to the nuclear industry, which is essential to providing the population with reliable electricity,” said UniTech Services Group Vice President
Michael Bovino. “We’re taking a one-on-one approach to support the unique needs utilities and their nuclear facilities have during this challenging time. We’re also taking the right
preventative measures to keep our own staff safe, and we wish health and safety to the entire nuclear industry workforce and their families.”

UniTech attributes its ability to continue without service disruptions to its diverse supplier network. The company is maintaining constant communication with finished goods and raw materials suppliers to ensure an uninterrupted supply of PPE.

As a long-term preventative measure, UniTech is also exploring additional global strategies to insulate its supply chain.

UniTech launderable protective clothing and laundry services are independent of foreign sourcing.

In addition, UniTech’s launderable protective clothing and laundry services are independent of foreign sourcing, a key advantage in avoiding shortages at this time. UniTech’s seven laundry and respirator processing facilities across the United States will be fully operational, providing continuous clean PPE. The facilities are designed to control contamination through time-tested engineered principles. Each facility is implementing additional protective measures and increased housekeeping to reduce the risk of viral spread.

UniTech’s multiple regional facilities provide redundant support to the nuclear industry depending on regional demands.

A broad range of resources are being readied for deployment.

In addition to the above measures, UniTech has the following broad resources ready for mobilization for the nuclear energy workforce:

– 50,000 sets of ProTech Plus® Coveralls (new and in-stock).
– 300,000 sets of ProTech Plus® PPE inventory for spring and fall outage (available through UniTech’s lease/rental programs).
– Manufacturing based in North America that has not been affected by the pandemic and is capable of producing 500-plus coveralls per day.
– A large inventory of single-use, disposable PPE at UniTech’s distribution center, available for rapid deployment.

As a strategic partner to the industry, UniTech is prepared to guide utilities through supply decisions during this uncertain time. Director of Sales & Marketing Gregg Johnstone can be
contacted with questions at (413) 543-6911 Ext. 146 or gjohnstone@UniTechUS.com.

A subsidiary of UniFirst Corporation, UniTech Services Group, Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of nuclear protective clothing and accessories.

UniTech became the first licensed provider of radiological laundry services in the United States in 1957. Since, the company has expanded to have global impact in the following services:
radiological laundering of protective clothing, decontamination and testing of respirators and the decontamination of tools & equipment.

UniTech is a key partner to the nuclear industries in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, helping to minimize radioactive waste.

Learn more at www.UniTechUS.com.