UniTech Services Group Continues Supply of Pandemic-Specific Solutions to the Energy Sector

Source: UniTech Services | Release | April 5, 2021

UniTech Services Group continues to augment COVID-19 safety protocols at nuclear plants by supplying high-demand products such as UV-C sanitizing wands.

UniTech Services Group announced that it will continue to offer the U.S. and Canadian nuclear industries pandemic safety products throughout the remainder of 2021.

UniTech’s inventory of pandemic-specific offerings, ideal for protecting nuclear plants and other high-traffic workspaces in the energy sector, include the following:

  • Certified 99-percent anti-germ UV-C sanitizing handheld wands, ideal for keyboards, desktops, and other high-touch surfaces.
  • Sani-Sol, an FDA-approved hand sanitizer available in packages of four one-gallon containers.
  • Reusable face masks, manufactured from UniTech’s patented ProTech Plus fabric designed for longevity, optimal protection, and comfort in nuclear plant operations.
  • Industrial-use KN95 face masks, and CRUDEMASK, a flame resistance face mask appropriate for viral protection.
  • The PURELL Surface Sanitizer and Disinfectant Sprayer System and the 128 E-FECTicide Concentrate and Dilution System. When used together, these leading multi-surface disinfectants are proven to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of sickness-causing bacteria and viruses in seconds.
  • An extensive portfolio of cleaning and sanitation products, including customizable wellness and sanitation stations for easy installation at any facility.
  • An extensive portfolio of safety protocol signage, ranging from posters detailing hygienic procedures to floor decals indicating necessary social distancing, to A-frame signage for directing foot traffic.
  • Signs, banners, and labels messaging facility vaccination requirements to employees and visitors.

Literature detailing the above pandemic solutions can be found in UniTech’s online resource library.

“UniTech is proud to have played a pivotal role in helping nuclear energy facilities roll out effective pandemic safety protocols when the pandemic hit North America in March 2020,” said
UniTech Director of Sales & Marketing Gregg Johnstone. “Now, with continued enforcement of protocols critical during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout process, we anticipate a customer
demand for items like the UV-C sanitizing wands and easy-to-order protocol signage we are offering.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, UniTech leveraged its global sourcing capabilities to ensure its nuclear industry customers had access to high-demand personal protective
equipment like masks and gloves that were in short supply around the world. Then, the company expanded its sourcing to include the many pandemic solutions now offered.

UniTech’s sourcing capabilities also enabled the company to partner with fellow UniFirst subsidiary UniClean to provide face masks to pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines in
cleanroom environments.

UniFirst, UniTech’s parent company, remains active in supporting the business community during the pandemic. The company’s efforts include donations of over a quarter-million masks to small businesses across North America.

The UniTech team can be reached with sales inquiries through its contact form, or through a call to UniTech Corporate headquarters: +1 (800) 344-3824.

A subsidiary of UniFirst Corporation, UniTech Services Group, Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of nuclear protective clothing and accessories.

UniTech became the first licensed provider of radiological laundry services in the United States in 1957. Since, the company has expanded to have global impact in the following services:
radiological laundering of protective clothing, decontamination and testing of respirators and the decontamination of tools & equipment.

UniTech is a key partner to the nuclear industries in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, helping to minimize radioactive waste. Learn more at www.UniTechUS.com.