UCOR’s FY2021 Annual Report

Source: UCOR | Email | December 2021

UCOR has released its FY 2021 Annual Report. This was a pivotal year for UCOR and for the overall cleanup effort on the Oak Ridge Reservation. 2021 marked a decade since UCOR took over the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) cleanup contract for the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management (OREM).

In that time, UCOR successfully completed cleanup of ETTP—the first-ever demolition and cleanup of a gaseous diffusion complex—and have now redirected the talented workforce to other parts of the Oak Ridge Reservation at Y-12 and ORNL as part of the “Go East” strategy. UCOR is making significant strides in remediating aging, deteriorating excess contaminated facilities. The work at these sites is not only reducing significant environmental risks, but is also delivering first-of-a-kind end states that make land available for federal missions, industrial development, historic preservation, conservation, and recreation.

As examples, the now-demolished Y-12 Biology Complex site will be replaced with a lithium processing facility. At ORNL, work continues on delivering end states for various projects—such as removal of a hot cell at the Radioisotope Development Laboratory—to provide the much-needed property for ORNL scientific research, supercomputing, and the nation’s fusion program. At Heritage Center, we are remediating and cleaning up the remaining land to turn back over to the community for various uses.

As this report highlights, UCOR’s decade of performance is built on partnerships that serve as a model for the entire DOE complex. These partnerships with OREM, elected officials, appropriators, labor unions, regulators, educational institutions, the community, and others form the foundation for safe and successful environmental cleanup on the Oak Ridge Reservation.

Click here to view the report: https://ucor.com/AnnualReport2021/index.html