Top Five Questions on Radiation

As radiation leaks from Japan’s damaged nuclear plant, experts weigh in on the risks.

Japan_3DJapan’s struggle to regain control over the nuclear power reactors damaged in the tsunami that followed a 9.0-magnitudeearthquake on March 11 has people worldwide wondering and worrying about the impacts of radioactive fallout.

Here’s ourtop 5 questions and answers culled from experts at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nuclear safety advocacy group.

  1. Should people in the U.S. be concerned about their drinking water?
  2. How did radioactive water end up in the basement and in some tunnels around the reactor buildings?
  3. Are the leaks of radioactive water likely to continue and/or worsen?
  4. What about the detection of plutonium. Is that a concern?
  5. Is is safe to eat Pacific seafood?

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Source: Irene Klotz | Discovery News