Top 25 Cities for College Graduates

The Class of 2010 is heading into the real world but where should they live? An urban guru and his team find the best cities for the young and ambitious.

Ithaca-NYSo what do twentysomethings want in a community? To get at this, a team analyzed the results of a Gallup survey of some 28,000 Americans in their 20s. Some key things stand out. Jobs are clearly important—but just as clearly, they’re not all-important. When asked what would keep them in their current location, twentysomethings ranked the availability of jobs second.

Twentysomethings understand well they face not only fewer job options but dwindling corporate commitment—it’s not only harder to find a job, it’s also easier to lose it. So it makes good sense to pick a city where the labor market is thick with job opportunities as a hedge against economic insecurity. What twentysomethings value the most is the ability to meet people and make friends. This also makes very good sense actually. Personal networks are about much more than having fun, they’re among the best ways to find a job and move forward in a career.

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Source: The Daily Beast
Photo: The Daily Beast
Caption: #1 City – Ithaca, New York