The Value of a College Graduate

The Department of Education’s new rules aimed at making sure graduates of career colleges find ‘gainful employment’ could be a starting point for Congress to demand accountability of all higher education.

Stack-of-BooksAny teacher in higher education who cares about whether students are actually learning may want to take notice of something the Obama administration just did.

New rules issued Thursday by the Department of Education will hold accountable a rising sector of higher education – career colleges – on whether graduates are prepared enough for jobs in their fields.

In essence, these types of mainly for-profit schools will be shut down if graduates don’t have “gainful employment” to pay back their student loans.

While the new regulations are aimed mainly at preventing fraud, they also set a critical precedent for extending the federal hand into higher ed. All colleges and universities might someday be held responsible for the learning outcomes of students. Report cards could be issued on faculty to measure whether their teaching produced results for graduates in the workplace.

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Source: The Monitor’s Editorial Board | The Christian Science Monitor