The Road to Recovery… is Named Main Street

The Road to Recovery… is Named Main Street. This is the 2010 Report on the Future of the South by the Southern Growth Policies Board.

SoutherngrowthSouthern Growth Policies Board’s 2010 Report on the Future of the South…

This economic downturn is different. We have been challenged and confounded by an economy that has hurt Southern communities, big and small. We have faced economic transition and lost jobs before, but this time the losses came faster, reached further and have stayed longer. Jobs, companies, personal savings, home values, and local government revenues have all disappeared. Recovery has been slow and answers have been few and far between.

Even as some people and places have begun the long road back, others have yet to take the first step or even know the right direction. This year’s Southern Growth Policies Board Listening to the South process asked communities to consider how they expected to both map and fuel their journey back to economic prosperity. Over 2000 Southerners told us what they thought.

Over the next 12 months the Southern Growth Policies Board is committed to helping communities help themselves. We will share ideas, success stories and tools. We will also share this report widely with political, educational and economic leadership in the South. We encourage each of you to widely distribute this report and to contact us with your thoughts, ideas, and resources. (Excerpt from Introduction by Ted Abernathy, SGPB Executive Director.)

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Source: Southern Growth Policies Board
Photo: Southern Growth Policies Board