Technology Innovation Awards: MesoCoat Takes Top Spot

This year’s winners tackled big problems—and came up with solutions that could make a real difference in people’s lives.

WSJ_Tech_AwardsTreatment for tuberculosis in India. A thermostat that programs itself. A lifting device that could help cut workplace injuries. A tsunami barrier that automatically deploys when destructive waves approach.

These are a few of the winners of this year’s Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards. Many winning entries are aimed at improving quality of life—or even saving lives.

MesoCoat Inc., Euclid, Ohio, takes the top spot here for its CermaClad metal-coating process, which uses high-intensity light to fuse anti-corrosion materials to metal pipes.

Cladding, in which corrosion- or wear-resistant materials are bonded to metals, is considered the best protection for pipes used in environments such as oil-and-gas production and mining.

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Source: John M. Leger | The Wall Street Journal
Image: John Weber | The Wall Street Journal