Tech 20/20: Lessons from the Past Can Shape the Future

A new study released by Tech 20/20 creates a profile of environments that foster successful entrepreneurial growth.

Tech_2020_New_LogoTech 20/20 spends most of its resources on up-and-coming technology-based entrepreneurial endeavors.

But a recent study done by the not-for-profit consulting group looked at how East Tennessee’s business past can help shape the region’s future.

“It’s really a family tree of Knoxville start-ups,” said Tech 20/20 President John Morris. “It was really a fascinating exercise for me and a good learning experience about how local companies got their start and how they developed into their current state.”

The study, called the TrepTree, traced successful local businesses back to their roots. “It (the TrepTree) can provide encouragement, business models, and connections,” said local entrepreneur Terry Douglass.

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Source: Bennett Rolan | Knoxville News Sentinel
Image: Tech 20/20