Teaming to Make Cars Smarter

Ford is joining Google to develop cars smart enough to know where you’re going, and how best to get you there so you don’t waste time in traffic.

Car_with_LeavesFord is tapping the power of Google’s remarkable Prediction API to create cars that determine where you’re going by examining where you’ve been. It’s the latest example of the auto industry calling on Silicon Valley as software takes on more tasks in our cars. It also underscores the tech sector’s growing interest in the automotive sector as Microsoft, Cisco and IBM develop new technologies and markets.

Ford has been way out in front in this arena since introducing Ford Sync in 2007, and the Google partnership announced Wednesday at the tech titan’s I/O developer conference could strengthen its lead.

In a nutshell, the Prediction API adds pattern-matching capability to existing cloud-based datasets, using it to predict probable outcomes for current events. Using it in an automotive setting would allow our cars to effectively learn from our behavior and adapt to it.

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Source: Mike Isaac | Wired