Strategic Vision is Roadmap to Greater EM Success

Source: EM Update | Vol. 13, Issue 18; Contributors: Rosa Elmetti, Ben Rivera | May 11, 2021

pEM’s Strategic Vision 2021-2031 should be considered a roadmap for even greater success in the cleanup program, EM Acting Assistant Secretary William “Ike” White told more than 180 community stakeholders, members of intergovernmental groups, and others during an interactive virtual meeting May 6.

Planned accomplishments over the next decade will not only reduce environmental risks and liability but will also demonstrate that EM has the ability to tackle the challenge, White noted during the meeting.

“We ask you to work with us to continue to innovate and improve performance across the complex,” White said. “I am excited for the future of EM, and I am excited by what we will accomplish together.”

White outlined the blueprint to the cleanup program’s anticipated accomplishments to a variety of groups, including the Energy Communities Alliance, Environmental Council of the States, National Association of Attorneys General, National Governors Association’s Federal Facilities Task Force, National Conference of State Legislatures, State and Tribal Government Working Group, Environmental Management Advisory Board, and EM Site-Specific Advisory Boards.

During the meeting, participants asked questions and provided comments. White expressed his appreciation for their continued feedback and highlighted the value of working with EM’s stakeholders and workers, unions, industry, tribal nations, states, and local communities.

An update to the inaugural edition issued in 2020, the Strategic Vision details goals for 2021-2031, focused on safety, environmental cleanup priorities, innovation, and improved performance.

The Strategic Vision was developed with feedback from regulators, tribal nations, local communities, and other partners. EM is working to fulfill the commitment to clean up the environment in communities that supported past national security and energy research programs so they can continue to grow and thrive.

The Strategic Vision 2021-2031 is available here.