Site of new nuclear power plant in partnership with Bill Gates’ TerraPower is Wyoming

Source: KPVI 6 News | Victoria Eavis | June 2, 2021

Wyoming will team with Bill Gates to build a new type of nuclear power plant, a move proponents hope will help diversify the state’s economy while speeding the nation’s transition toward low-carbon energy.

The state will house the first Natrium reactor in a partnership with Gates’ TerraPower company, the U.S. Department of Energy and PacifiCorp, Gov. Mark Gordon announced Wednesday. The reactor would be built within one of four retiring coal power plants, signaling a greener energy future for a Wyoming economy that has long relied on fossil fuels.

“Wyoming has been a leader in energy for over a century,” Gates said remotely at a news conference held at the state Capitol, “and we hope our investment in Natrium will allow Wyoming to stay in the lead for many decades to come.”

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