Rail Donated in Support of OR Airport Project

Source: The Oak Ridger | Adapted from News Release | May 17, 2021

This artist’s rendering shows the proposed Oak Ridge airport, which would be located on the west end of Oak Ridge.

To support the proposed Oak Ridge Airport, EnergySolutions recently announced plans to donate a section of rail track to the city of Oak Ridge.

In January, Oak Ridge City Manager Mark Watson contacted EnergySolutions asking for their consideration of transferring 1.67 miles of track affecting the proposed airport’s 5,000-foot runway. EnergySolutions followed up with the city and has chosen to donate the track to the city instead.

“EnergySolutions is pleased to make this donation to the city as a gesture of our commitment and support for the city and the city’s plans for the airport,” Joe Heckman, president of Waste Management at EnergySolutions, said in a city news release.

The track being donated is from the Wheat Station area to the south end of the line near Portal 10.

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