ProNova Solutions: Next-Generation Proton Therapy System

Advanced superconducting magnets and other technologies cut costs and reduce start-up time by more than half when compared to current systems.

ProNova_LogoThe team that broke the price and performance barrier with PET and PET/CT systems in the 1990s and 2000s is working with a group of leading companies and universities to produce a dramatically less expensive, smaller, lighter, more flexible and more capable proton therapy system.

Called the ProNova SC360, the first systems will ship in 2015.

The team at ProNova includes Terry Douglass, Ph.D. and others who played an integral role in the development and commercialization of positron emission tomography (PET) while at CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc. CTI specialized in the development, production and distribution of products and services for diagnostic imaging from 1983 to 2005, at which time the company was acquired by Siemens Medical Systems. Due to the innovations in cost and capability made possible by CTI, more cancers are diagnosed and treated earlier, leading to better clinical outcomes.

The ProNova team is now on schedule to do the same for proton therapy. Leveraging technology, manufacturing, operations and marketing resources across the team, ProNova will deliver a next-generation proton therapy system that is dramatically less expensive, more clinically flexible and more capable than any system currently planned for delivery in a similar timeframe.

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Source: Michael Bozeman | ProNova Solutions, LLC
Image: ProNova Solutions, LLC