Progressives Want Obama to Go Big and Go Daring on Jobs

In recent days, the White House has repeatedly said it plans on unveiling a set of proposals that could garner widespread support.

Bill_with_GraphProgressive activists are urging President Obama to go big and go daring when he releases his new jobs proposals next week.

MoveOn and around 70 other liberal groups sent a letter to the president, pleading with him to roll out a jobs plan that matches the scope of the unemployment problem – and signaling that Obama should not unveil a plan whose major selling point was that it could appeal to some Republicans.

“Tax cuts and incentives for corporations have repeatedly failed to put Americans back to work,” the letter says. “It is time to move beyond these half-measures designed to appeal to a narrow ideological minority who have repeatedly shown their unwillingness to negotiate and their disinterest in real solutions.”

The push from the left comes after many progressives were disappointed with the final outcome of the debt ceiling negotiations – which included no fresh revenues to battle federal deficits – and were hoping for a better showing from the administration on the jobs front.

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Source: Bernie Becker | The Hill