ETEC Meeting Sponsorships


ETEC 2022  Meeting Sponsorship Investment: $750
Benefits include:

  • Verbal recognition of sponsorship by the ETEC Chairperson at weekly meetings
  • Advertisement with logo on meeting slides at weekly meetings
  • Opportunity to speak for 3 minutes during one weekly meeting
  • Logo ad with link to your website in 4 weekly newsletters per month
  • Logo with link to your website on the events page of the ETEC website

ETEC Meeting Sponsorships Application

The membership application is pending until the initial dues payment is received. Dues are renewed annually and invoiced based upon the first month of membership. (If a company joins in February they will receive a renewal invoice due the following February) If joining as a corporate member, please include the names of the representatives from your organization who will attend meetings, as well as the email addresses for those individuals you wish to receive the weekly meeting notices and newsletters.

For Team Name, simply include the name of your business or organization.

For Take up a seat (optional), check the box if you’d like to be included as one of the allotted users under your subscription with login access to this website.


Membership Investment Opportunites

Learn about our various membership levels by clicking the graphic above.