Previous Fusion Innovation Forum

On June 29, 2021, public and private industry leaders met virtually for a discussion on fusion innovation. This virtual event was hosted by the Fusion Industry Association, located in Washington DC, and the East Tennessee Economic Council, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The online Zoom event featured:

  • Keynote presentation by General Fusion’s Chief Business Development Officer Jay Brister
  • Panel discussions on:
    • Enabling Fusion Innovation in the Private Industry Sector
    • Research and Development Technologies, Opportunities, and Partnerships in Fusion
    • Fusion from the Utility’s Perspective to Include Regulatory and Public Policy Issues
  • Comments from U.S. Representatives who are a part of the Congressional Fusion Caucus


“Probably one of the best virtual events I’ve attended. The discussions were engaging and insightful.”

“This was a really good event. As someone that spent ~8 years on the US ITER project, it was nice to hear the progress and new avenues to fusion. I’m happy to see more opportunities coming to Oak Ridge.”



Eric Abelquist, UCOR


Livia Casali, University of TN / General Atomics


Mark Koepke, Tokamak Energy


Matt Reinke, Commonwealth Fusion


Mickey Wade, Oak Ridge National Lab


US Rep Don Beyer D-VA


U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-TN


Kathy McCarthy, Oak Ridge National Lab


Andrew Sowder, Electric Power Research Institute


Dennis Youchison, Oak Ridge National Lab


Jay Brister, Gen. Fusion


Joe Hoagland, Tenn. Valley Authority


Tim Peckinpaugh, K&L Gates


Ryan Umstattd, Fusion Industry Association


Jim Campbell, ETEC


Andrew Holland, Fusion Industry Association


Lou Qualls, Oak Ridge National Lab


Randall Volberg, Type One Energy Group