President’s FY23 NNSA Budget Enables ‘Responsive and Responsible’ Nuclear Security Efforts

Source: NNSA | Release | March 28, 2022 |

Request Funds Weapons Modernization, Nuclear Security, and Infrastructure Investments

The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration on Monday released President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Request for NNSA, a proposal designed to support the nuclear deterrent and nuclear security at this crucial time.

The budget will allow NNSA to deliver the safe, secure, reliable, and effective nuclear deterrent the nation requires and continue NNSA’s progress in modernizing key production capabilities. It will advance nonproliferation and nuclear security efforts and fully fund the naval nuclear reactor program. Importantly, the budget also supports a strong science and technology and infrastructure reinvestment across the enterprise to support today’s program and be prepared for the future.

The FY23 request of $21.4 billion builds on bipartisan efforts in previous years to modernize capabilities that are essential to maintaining deterrence while investing in innovative approaches to nonproliferation, counterproliferation, counterterrorism, and arms control.

“The President’s FY 2023 Budget Request is a strong commitment to NNSA’s vital national security mission at this critical time,” said Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator Jill Hruby. “NNSA faces mission imperatives as difficult as any we’ve ever had, simultaneously modernizing our arsenal while recapitalizing aging infrastructure and reestablishing critical capabilities that have degraded since the end of the Cold War. Additionally, we will advance our efforts in nuclear security and nonproliferation to meet current and future challenges. Consistent, bipartisan support from Congress and Presidential administrations, coupled with the exceptional efforts of our talented workforce, have enabled us to deliver a safe, secure, reliable, and effective nuclear deterrent and begin restoring key capabilities. The President’s Budget Request gives NNSA the resources to tackle the work ahead of us with the urgency required.”

The budget request was informed by the Nuclear Posture Review, and the investments outlined in the request will help implement the NPR’s policy decisions.

Key proposals in the President’s FY23 request include:

  • Funding for weapons program activities to sustain and modernize the nuclear stockpile.
  • Funding to produce 80 war reserve plutonium pits per year as close to 2030 as possible for the first time in about 40 years.
  • Targeted investments to reinforce significant successes in minimizing or eliminating sensitive nuclear materials in civilian use.
  • Establishment of a new bioassurance program to harness NNSA’s labs unique science, engineering, and technology capabilities to assure security of the growing bioeconomy and strengthen biodefense.
  • New investments to develop the expertise, infrastructure, and capabilities needed to support nonproliferation, nuclear security efforts, and more demanding verification technologies for future arms control.
  • Continued support for the nuclear Navy, including an increase in funding for research and development to enhance capabilities for current and future fleets of nuclear-powered ships and continue construction of the spent nuclear fuel handling facility.

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