ORNL, UT Collaborate to make East Tennessee a Technology Corridor

Source: WBIR | Vinay Simlot | July 20, 2021

Both organizations teamed up to create the SMaRT internship hosted by the Oak Ridge Innovation Institute.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee teamed up to create the SMaRT internship, designed to bring STEM students to East Tennessee.

“We’re one of the best-hidden secrets in the nation, as far as technology, output education, and capabilities,” said Shawn Campagna, the program’s director.

This is the first year of the internship program. Eighteen students from around the country have applied and been invited to work at one of the University of Tennessee’s labs.

The mentors are scientists from UT and ORNL– one of the benefits to the laboratory’s involvement, according to Campagna.

“It gives us access to equipment, it gives us access to students, it gives us a broader community with more faces that help us welcome more people,” said Campagna. “[ORNL’s] visibility has brought in a lot of great students.”

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