ORAU Renews Agreement with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

ORAU will perform laboratory analyses, document reviews, in-process inspections and verification surveys for the regulatory agency.

ORAUOak Ridge Associated Universities has renewed a five-year agreement with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to continue providing technical assistance in the areas of radiological surveys and assessments. The agreement, which is worth $5.4 million, will last through 2017.

Specifically under the agreement, ORAU will serve as the sole-source, independent contractor for addressing NRC regulatory activities related to the decommissioning of previously contaminated reactor and materials sites by performing laboratory analyses, document reviews, in-process inspections and verification surveys. ORAU will also participate in special projects related to nuclear facility operations, uranium recovery and other decommissioning activities.

“As a federal agency serving many different stakeholders across the nation, the NRC clearly values the credibility that independent verification provides to decontamination and decommissioning activities,” said ORAU Director for Independent Environmental Assessment and Verification Sarah Roberts. “We’ve helped the NRC achieve this independence for more than 30 years by ensuring that survey results are reported without the influence of commercial interests. Obviously, we are thrilled to continue supporting the agency in this role and feel this extension speaks to the high-quality work we’ve conducted so far.”

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Source: Nicole Merrifield | Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Image: Oak Ridge Associated Universities