ORAU Museum of Radiation and Radioactivity — a most unique collection

Source: The Oak Ridger | D. Ray Smith | February 21, 2022 |

This “Historically Speaking” column is intended to introduce readers to one of Oak Ridge’s prized museums that is not usually included when I mention heritage tourism assets in the “Secret City” of Oak Ridge. The reason I do not include it is that the museum is used for training and research purposes and not intended for public access. It is in a controlled area and security requirements prevent casual access by the public.

The Museum of Radiation and Radioactivity was created and is operated by Oak Ridge Associated Universities as an educational and research facility. The artifacts are owned by the ORAU Foundation. The museum is located on ORAU’s South Campus in the Health Physics Training facility at the corner of Bethel Valley Road and Pumphouse Road. There it is an integral part of Health Physics training programs.

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