Opportunity to Comment on Kairos Power’s Hermes Project Environmental Impact

Source: Kairos Power | March 14, 2022 |

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is seeking public input on environmental issues pertaining to Kairos Power’s construction permit application for the Hermes low-power demonstration reactor to be built at the Heritage Center site in East Tennessee Technology Park. ETEC is pleased to have Kairos Power as a member and we would encourage anyone with an interest in this project to participate.

Recognizing the benefits of a reliable, dispatchable, carbon-free energy source to help supply the nation’s growing demand for energy, we believe advanced nuclear technology will have an overwhelmingly positive environmental impact in East Tennessee and the U.S. as a whole while creating high-paid, high-quality jobs.


  • Kairos Power is a mission-driven company that aims to enable the world’s transition to clean energy while improving quality of life and protecting the environment. The company’s singular focus is the commercial development of the fluoride salt-cooled, high-temperature reactor (KP-FHR) – a clean source of carbon-free energy that can be deployed with robust safety at an affordable cost.
  • Kairos Power has committed to investing $100 million and creating high-paying jobs in East Tennessee to support the construction, operation and decommissioning of the Hermes demonstration reactor.
  • Kairos Power’s path to commercialization involves successive, large-scale, integrated demonstrations of nuclear and non-nuclear systems. Hermes will be a critical iterative step from prototype to commercial scale, proving Kairos Power’s capacity to deliver affordable nuclear heat and establishing cost certainty.
  • Hermes will build upon research that originated at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, leveraging proven technologies combined in a novel way to create a passively safe design.
  • Hermes is a joint project by Kairos Power and its partners: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, EPRI, and Materion Corporation. Kairos Power has also signed a collaborative development agreement with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide defined engineering, operations and licensing services for Hermes.
  • Kairos Power is the recipient of a DOE Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP) award for Risk Reduction funding to support development of the Hermes demonstration reactor. This is a cost-shared partnership between DOE and industry to demonstrate advanced nuclear technology in the United States. DOE share is $303 million over seven years, with Kairos Power contributing $326 million for a total award value of $629 million.

If you are so inclined, we encourage you to share your thoughts on environmental topics pertaining to Hermes for the NRC’s consideration. You can submit a comment through April 19 by sending an email to KairosHermes-CPEIS@nrc.gov. Be sure to include Docket ID NRC-2021-0193 in your message.

A public meeting has been planned for March 23rd where NRC staff will be discussing the safety and environmental review process and requesting public comments. The full meeting details are available at https://www.nrc.gov/reactors/non-power/hermes-kairos.html

To learn more about Hermes or connect with the Kairos Power team, visit their virtual open house: https://kairospower.consultation.ai/