Opinion: Oak Ridge Motorsports Park: Far More Than a Racetrack

Source: The Oak Ridger | Rusty Bittle | February 25, 2021

Imagine spreading out a blanket on a small hill with a friend or loved one, enjoying a picnic on a nice afternoon. You’re relaxing.

This is the experience that we want to provide at the Oak Ridge Motorsports Park. It’s in the name: park. It will be a four-plus mile ribbon of road surrounded by quiet, beautiful nature for the public to enjoy.

Automotive enthusiasts will come to the park to drive their Miatas, Porsches and even classic cars, just to name a few. Those events will draw visitors to Oak Ridge who will spend tourism dollars at the city’s hotels, restaurants and attractions.

This will be a venue to teach and learn, where teens can safely learn to pilot their cars. And it will offer fun with a karting track, the basics of racing. There are some days that I enjoy being in a kart as much as in my own car. Incidentally, such karts are where today’s world-class Formula 1 drivers all get their start. Imagine someone racing the Monaco Grand Prix someday who can track their start to Oak Ridge!

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