Obama: Short-Term Fix an Option

“If both sides agree to something significant, we will support the measures needed to finalize details,” Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

Elephant_vs._DonkeyPresident Barack Obama would support a short-term extension of the debt limit if Democrats and Republicans reach agreement on a broader deficit-cutting deal but need more time to move it through Congress, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

By loosening the president’s opposition to a short-term extension, the White House ups the pressure on Congress to seriously consider a recently released bipartisan Senate proposal.

The $3.7 trillion plan offered by the “Gang of Six” received largely positive reviews from both parties, but Senate leaders questioned whether there is enough time before the Aug. 2 deadline to put the framework into legislative language, receive a cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office and round up support.

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Source: Carrie Budoff Brown | POLITICO