Obama Administration Responds to House FY 2012 Funding

The House of Representatives is now considering the FY 2012 appropriations bill for the Department of Defense, and may start its consideration of the Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill.

OMBThe Office of Management and budget issued a three-page Statement of Administration Policy on H.R. 2354, the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act. Seven items were included in this Statement regarding the Department of Energy, which declared at the outset:

While overall funding limits and subsequent allocations remain unclear pending the outcome of ongoing bipartisan, bicameral discussions between the Administration and congressional leadership on the Nation’s long-term fiscal picture, the Administration has concerns regarding the level of resources the bill would provide for a number of programs in a way that undermines core government functions, investments key to economic growth and job creation, as well as national security. Programs adversely affected by the bill include:

  • Clean Energy Research and Development
  • Climate Research
  • Yucca Mountain License
  • Nuclear Posture Review Goals and Maintaining a Safe, Secure and Effective Nuclear Deterrent
  • Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation

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Source: Richard M. Jones | FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News
Photo: Office of Management and Budget