Oak Ridge Reservation Cleanup Contract Transition News

Source: UCOR, LLC | Email | March 3, 2022 |

In October 2021, DOE’s Office of Environmental Management awarded the $8.3 billion, 10-year Oak Ridge Reservation Cleanup Contract to United Cleanup Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR), a newly formed limited liability company with Amentum, Jacobs, and Honeywell. If the name UCOR sounds familiar, that’s because this new contractor, sharing two of the same parent companies, is replacing the current contractor that goes by the same acronym. UCOR’s teaming subcontractors include RSI EnTech, LLC; Strata-G, LLC; Longenecker & Associates, Inc. (L&A); and Environmental Alternatives, Inc. (EAI). The new UCOR will retain the same President and CEO, Ken Rueter, that successfully led the previous contractor to major project completions, including the first-ever cleanup of a gaseous diffusion plant—accomplished ahead of schedule and under budget.

UCOR, updated key stakeholders via email last week with information regarding the contract transition.

The email introduced and welcomed the new Chief Operating Officer, Tom Dieter, who is leading the transition Task Order – 1 for UCOR, and presented the new logo and a link to a new transition website, https://ucortransition.com/. The website provides information about UCOR as well as its parent companies and partnering subcontractors; the leadership team; work responsibilities; and more. A Q&A function is also included that allows users to submit questions. Moreover, it emphasized how the UCOR team is motivated to continue environmental cleanup across the Oak Ridge Reservation and through their partnerships reduce the environmental liability to the American taxpayer.