Oak Ridge Reaction and Parks Board Seeks Public Input on Waterfront

The City of Oak Ridge is requesting participation from citizens on the development of a pavilion on the Oak Ridge Waterfront through an electronic survey.

OR_SealThe City of Oak Ridge Recreation and Parks Board (Parks Board) is requesting participation from interested citizens on development of a pavilion on the Oak Ridge Waterfront through an electronic survey available on the City’s web site. Background information, including conceptual designs, is also provided for viewing.

The survey can found at the Recreation & Parks website http://www.ci.oakridge.tn.us/departments/recreationparks/recreation/projects.html under “Waterfront Development.”

The survey will be available through November 30, 2011.

The Parks Board is assisting the City as it moves forward in enhancing the Melton Lake waterfront area. The first phase of the waterfront development is to construct a new pavilion, leveraging a recent donation to the City by UT-Battelle to build the community venue.

The Parks Board has considered a broad range of possible pavilion designs, and using a series of selection criteria that included functionality, aesthetics, maintainability, and cost, it has narrowed the range of options to two designs for the pavilion. One design is a more traditional rectangular style–commonly seen in neighboring communities–providing a very attractive facility. The other design is an octagonal shape that creates a more architecturally significant structure and a “signature look”, which would help distinguish this waterfront park area from those in surrounding communities.

The Parks Board has studied the 2009 Oak Ridge Waterfront Development Plan that was endorsed by City Council, including the community input that was part of the process for developing that plan. The board also solicited comments on the waterfront and pavilion options its Open House held on November 3, 2011.

For information about other City activities, visit the website http://www.oakridgetn.gov.

For more information, contact Josh Collins at (865) 425-3450.

Source: City of Oak Ridge
Image: City of Oak Ridge