Nuclear 2.0: Japan Shouldn’t Stop Us from Embracing It

Meet the iNuke: small modular reactors chock full of elegant design innovations, built cheaply, operating efficiently, and buried underground for your protection.

Green-GlobeThe core damage now unfolding in as many as four Japanese nuclear reactors after the post-quake tsunami doused back-up cooling system generators is already becoming stock material for nuclear nihilists. Once again nuclear’s perennial opponents are out in force hoping to use this episode to beat back nuclear power.

We shouldn’t allow America’s re-emerging nuclear industry to be swallowed up by a wave of misinformation following this devastating tsunami.

Nuclear is a key element of plans to minimize the impact of global warming. At 17 tons of carbon dioxide per gigawatt-hour, nuclear energy production actually emits less CO2 than wind. Facts like this have already swayed many environmentalists into the pro-nuke camp.

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Source: Ford Vox | The Atlantic