NRC Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Rule on Verifying New Reactor Contruction

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission seeks public comment on proposed changes to its regulations.

NRC_SealThe Nuclear Regulatory Commission seeks public comment on proposed changes to its regulations that require new reactor license holders to verify nuclear power plant construction activities through inspections, tests, analyses, and acceptance criteria (ITAAC).

The proposed rule, to be published soon in the Federal Register, would set additional requirements for new reactor licensees, including:

1) Reporting new information that materially alters the licensee’s basis for determining that inspections, tests, or analyses were performed as required, or that acceptance criteria are met; and

2) Notifying the NRC of completion of all ITAAC activities.

In addition, the proposed changes would update the rule’s language to correct and clarify ambiguous language and make it consistent with the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended.

Comments will be accepted for 75 days following publication of the proposed rule in the Federal Register, expected soon. Comments may be submitted over the federal government’s rulemakings website at, using docket ID NRC-2010-0012. They may also be sent to Secretary, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C. 20555-0001, ATTN: Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff; or e-mailed to

For more information on the proposed rule, please contact Nanette Gilles at (301) 415-1180 or via e-mail at

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Source: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Photo: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission