NRC: Obama Nominates Expert on Nuclear Waste

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is the leading congressional opponent of the Yucca Mountain site, praised Allison Macfarlane as someone who will make nuclear safety a top priority.

NRC_SealMoving quickly to stem a controversy, President Barack Obama nominated an expert on nuclear waste to lead the federal agency that regulates the nation’s nuclear power plants.

Allison Macfarlane, who served on a presidential commission that studied new strategies to manage nuclear waste, would replace Gregory Jaczko as head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A White House spokesman said Obama believes Macfarlane is the right person to lead the commission, calling her a highly regarded expert who has spent years analyzing nuclear issues.

Macfarlane “understands the role that nuclear power must play in our nation’s energy future while ensuring that we are always taking steps to produce this important energy source safely and securely,” White House spokesman Clark Stevens said.

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Source: Matthew Daly | Bloomberg Businessweek
Image: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission