NRC: No Licensing Until Assessment of Environmental Risks

“This isn’t saying that we’re not going to issue licenses for years; it’s saying, hold on, we need to take a breath and determine a path forward,” said NRC spokesman David McIntyre.

Earth_ClockThe Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently voted to halt final decisions on granting new and renewed licenses for reactors nationwide following a June court ruling that said the agency first must assess the environmental risks of storing radioactive waste.

The move could mean a potentially years-long delay of final decisions on as many as 19 pending nuclear power plant licenses, including a proposal to renew those for the South Texas Project nuclear plant near Bay City.

But NRC spokesman David McIntyre stressed that the agency will continue reviewing existing applications. Licensing applications can still continue under the NRC order up until a final decision would be made, he said.

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Source: Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Fuel Fix