NOW Speakers

Meshelle Augustin, Sr. HR Business Partner, Nuclear Human Resources & Communications, TVA
Jon Ball, Executive Vice President, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
Joan Bienvenue, Director, University of TN Oak Ridge Innovation Institute
Greg Boerschig, Vice President, Clinch River Project, TVA
Jeremy Busby, Director, Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division, ORNL
Jon Carmack, U.S. DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
Larry Cutlip, Senior Vice President Field Operations, Centrus
Teresa Duncan, Vice President of Workforce & Community Development, Roane State Community College
Terry Grimm, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Scientist, Niowave
James Harvey, Senior Vice President & Chief Science Officer, NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes
Morris Hassler, Vice President/Business Unit General Manager for Joint Services, IB3 Global Solutions
Wes Hines, Professor and Nuclear Engineering Dept. Head, University of Tennessee
Lloyd Jollay, Director for Nuclear Material Applications, Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex
Kathryn McCarthy, Assoc. Laboratory Director for Fusion and Fission Energy and Science, ORNL
Elia Merzari, Associate Professor, Penn State University
Tommy Morgan, Chief Engineer, United Cleanup Oak Ridge (UCOR)
Bob Morris, Chair, ETEC's Nuclear Working Group
Pete Pappano, President, Triso-X
Josh Parker, Lead Business Development Manager, BWXT
Tracy Radel, Vice President of Engineering, SHINE Medical Technologies
Brad Rearden, Director, Government R&D Div., X-Energy
Lou Martinez Sancho, VP of Strategy and Innovation, Kairos Power
Ashley Stowe, Director, Oak Ridge Enhanced Technology and Training Center, Y-12 National Security Complex
Balendra Sutharshan, Associate Lab Director, Isotope Science & Engineering, ORNL
Kurt Terrani, Executive Vice President, Core Division, UltraSafe Nuclear
Ken Tobin, VP and Chief Research Officer, Research and University Partnerships Office, ORAU
James Vollmer, Senior Manager of Nuclear Design, TerraPower
Andrew Worrall, Section Head of the Integrated Fuel Cycle Section, and the Deputy Director of the GAIN program, ORNL