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News and Notes

Thanksgiving_TurkeyUpcoming 2013 ETEC Programs

November 29 – No ETEC, Happy Thanksgiving!

December 6 – A brief meeting of the corporation will take place, program TBD.

December 13 – Annual Meeting

December 20 – No ETEC

Other Upcoming 2013 Events

Click here for ETEC’s calendar of upcoming conferences, meetings and events.

Mechatronics Showcase – Tuesday, December 3, 2:00-5:30 p.m. at the Clinton Higher Education and Workforce Training Facility. For more information, contact Nick Forrester: (865) 354-3000 ext. 4873,, or visit their website.

Safety Forum, presented by The Oak Ridge Business Safety Partnership (ORBSP) on December 11th from 8:00-10:00 a.m. at the American Museum of Science and Energy. Check our calendar for more details.

ETEC Annual Meeting – This year’s annual meeting will be on December 13th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Oak Ridge, featuring Governor Bill Haslam, Muddy Boot and Postma Award presentations.

News from DOE communities and the world around us

Early estimates put Oak Ridge sludge-processing facility at $100M+

Source: Frank Munger | Atomic City Underground

The work is still in a preliminary stage, but the Sludge Processing Faciity Buildout project at the Department of Energy’s Transuranic Waste Processing Center in Oak Ridge is expected to cost more than $100 million, a spokesman said this week. Read more ….

Obama announces Science Director, other DOE nominations

Source: Oak Ridge Today

WASHINGTON, D.C.— President Barack Obama recently announced plans to nominate two people to top U.S. Department of Energy posts, including a director of the Office of Science. Read more…. 

Two U.S. warplanes fly over East China Sea, ignoring new Chinese air defense zone

Source: Craig Whitlock | The Washington Post

The Pentagon announced Tuesday that it had defied Beijing by flying two warplanes over the East China Sea on a training exercise, ignoring a recent edict from China that it be informed in advance of any such flights in the region. Read more ….

GAO says DOE needs to improve oversight of Work for Others

Source: Frank Munger | Atomic City Underground

The Government Accountability Office released a report today saying the Department of Energy needs to increase its oversight of the so-called “work for others” — work done for other federal agencies, etc. — at its national laboratories. Read more ….

Valuable and unexpected discoveries through federally funded research

Source: John Platt | Today’s Engineer

One of the most important discoveries in modern genetics and biotechnology got its start more than four decades ago with a grant from the National Science Foundation to study the humble bacteria that live in high-temperature geysers in Yellowstone National Park. Read more ….

People News

Four UT faculty named AAAS Fellows

Source: UT Press Release

For studies that focus on green energy and 3D printing, four University of Tennessee, Knoxville, professors, including two UT-Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chairs, are being recognized for their teaching and research. Read more ….

November 2013 Breakfast Sponsor

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