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News and Notes

entrepreneurship_week_2013Upcoming 2013 ETEC Programs

November 22 – Board of Directors Meeting

November 29 – No ETEC, Happy Thanksgiving!

December 6 – Tom Hedger, Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP)

December 13 – Annual Meeting

Other Upcoming 2013 Events

Click here for ETEC’s calendar of upcoming conferences, meetings and events.

Startup Day 2013 – Thursday, November 21st at The Standard in downtown Knoxville, admission is free but registration is required.

Mechatronics Showcase – Tuesday, December 3, 2:00-5:30 p.m. at the Clinton Higher Education and Workforce Training Facility. For more information, contact Nick Forrester: (865) 354-3000 ext. 4873,, or visit their website.

ETEC Annual Meeting – This year’s annual meeting will be on December 13th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Oak Ridge, featuring Governor Bill Haslam, Muddy Boot and Postma Award presentations.

News from DOE communities and the world around us

Cook relays cost of shutdown to NNSA’s defense programs

Source: Frank Munger | Atomic City Underground

Don Cook, the National Nuclear Security Administrator’s deputy administrator for defense programs, said the government shutdown this fall cost the agency $330 million. And that was just for defense programs around the complex, Cook said this morning at the ETEBA’s annual Business Opportunities Conference at the Knoxville Convention Center. Read more ….

DOE to stop collecting fee for nuclear waste disposal

Source: Matthew Wald | The New York Times

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Energy Department must stop collecting fees of about $750 million a year that are paid by consumers and intended to fund a program for the disposal of nuclear waste. The reason, the court said, is that there is no such program. Read more…. 

Large graphene crystals found to have exceptional electrical properties


When it comes to the growth of graphene—an ultrathin, ultrastrong, all-carbon material—it is survival of the fittest, according to researchers at The University of Texas at Austin. Read more ….

Surgeons practice on 3-D printed brains

Source: Michael Dhar | Live Science

How much practice would you want your brain surgeon to have? Probably a lot — and the more specific that practice is to your particular brain, the better. Read more ….

Engineers explore new ways to protect devices based on user habits

Source: Science Daily

We’ve all typed in a password to access a computer network. But how secure is that? Passwords can be hacked or hijacked to get at sensitive personal, corporate or even national security data. Read more ….

People News

ORNL names Gary Van Berkel Scientist of the Year

Source: Frank Munger | Atomic City Underground

Gary J. Van Berkel, a distinguished research scientist and group leader in Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Chemical Sciences Division, is ORNL’s Scientist of the Year. Read more ….

November 2013 Breakfast Sponsor

Thank you to Cadre5 for sponsoring breakfast this month.


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