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News and Notes

2014-New-Year-HD-WallpaperUpcoming ETEC Programs

January 3 – No ETEC, Happy New Year!

January 10 – Ted Wampler, Jr., Wampler’s Farm Sausage Company

January 17 – Steve Sanders, Y-12 National Security Complex

January 24 – Board of Directors Meeting

Other Upcoming 2014 Events
Click here for ETEC’s calendar of upcoming conferences, meetings and events.

Tennessee Small Business Development Center free workshop – Thursday, January 30th, 2014 at the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce, contact 865-483-2668 or for more information about this small business start-up seminar, registration is requred.

News from DOE communities and the world around us

Surveillance network built to detect nuclear tests yields unexpected data

Source: Joby Warrick | The Washington Post

VIENNA — It records sounds that no human ear can hear, like the low roar of a meteor slicing through the upper atmosphere, or the hum an iceberg makes when smacked by an ocean wave. Read more ….

Small reactor study at Hanford by Tri-Cities group

Source: Seattle PI

KENNEWICK, Wash. (AP) — A Tri-Cities group is studying the possible benefits of building a small modular nuclear reactor system at the Hanford nuclear reservation. Read more…. 

Oak Ridge security contractor gets ‘very good’ marks

Source: Frank Munger | Knoxville News Sentinal

OAK RIDGE — The U.S. Department of Energy’s new security contractor in Oak Ridge got a “very good” grade on its first report card and earned a fee of $519,320. Read more ….

2014 marks the end of the traditional light bulb

Source: Josh Levs | CNN

It lit up the world and showed us all our way. It served presidents, princes, and paupers with equal alacrity. It brought the writings of Yeats, Joyce, Rowling, and Trudeau to millions of bed-readers, and helped countless people around the world avoid stubbing their toes in the dark. Read more ….

Winter Weather Policy

ETEC kindly reminds all members and guests to exercise safety and caution when travelling to and from the weekly meeting, particularly during winter weather conditions. It is ETEC’s policy to not cancel meetings, particularly at the last minute. Chances are, however, if you cannot reach the meeting location, neither can the ETEC staff. Please be safe.

January 2014 Breakfast Sponsor

Thank you to S&ME, Inc. for sponsoring breakfast this month.


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