DOE Announces New Senior Leaders

DOE announced new Biden-Harris Administration senior leadership appointees. These new leaders will direct policy at DOE, coordinate across the Administration, and enact President Joe Biden’s vision for bold action on the climate crisis and on safeguarding the Americans most affected by it. These experienced professionals reflect President Biden’s pledge to equip his Administration with a team that represents America’s diversity.
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100Knoxville launch addresses one gap identified by Techstars (Commentary)

Two weeks and one hour after the town hall where the Techstars assessment of the Knoxville region’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem was unveiled, a second event was held launching an initiative to address one of the significant glaring deficiencies that Techstars identified. That gap was lower levels of participation by minority populations as well as greater access to resources to help them be successful.
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University Students Collaborate With Oak Ridge on Cleanup Tools

Five University of Tennessee students are helping design tools for Oak Ridge’s cleanup, continuing a collaboration among the university, EM, and cleanup contractor UCOR to train and develop the future cleanup workforce.
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Alan Icenhour to Succeed Jeff Smith as ORNL’s Deputy Lab Director

Alan Icenhour, a 30-year veteran of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), will succeed Jeff Smith as Deputy Laboratory Director for Operations when the latter retires at the end of April.
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Boston Government Services Wins Pinnacle Award

ETEC member Boston Government Services received a Minority-Owned Business Excellence Award Pinnacle Award from the Knoxville Chamber. 
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