Updated EM Strategic Vision Outlines Coming Decade of Achievements

The Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management today released its Strategic Vision 2021-2031, a blueprint to the program’s anticipated accomplishments over the next decade that will protect the public and environment.  The Strategic Vision outlines goals for 2021-2031, focused on safety, environmental cleanup priorities, innovation, and improved performance.
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Atkins Nuclear Secured’s Isotek Systems Strengthens Partnership to Advance Cancer Treatment Research

SNC-Lavalin's Isotek Systems, LLC (Isotek) business is pleased to announce that its sales agreement with nuclear innovation company TerraPower, LLC has been expanded to further refine thorium (Th-229). The new agreement will further aid the nuclear innovator in its cancer treatment research by delivering an enhanced purified product and add to the over $90 million taxpayer dollars saved under this innovative public-private partnership.
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EM Removes Tritium Facility at ORNL

EM crews have completed demolition on a contaminated 1960s-era building at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), opening land that DOE can reuse for future missions. With the Tritium Target Preparation Facility removed, crews can address the soils and substructures associated with the building. The cleanup effort eliminated several contaminated areas, allowing for a transformation in a location that can support the Department in the years ahead.
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UCOR Donates to Support Oak Ridge Wilson Street Project

UCOR proudly donated 100K to support Oak Ridge’s Wilson Street project to help develop our communities
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UCOR Expands STEM Investment to Develop Workforce

Developing the cleanup workforce of tomorrow requires time and an emphasis and investment in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. To reach that goal, Oak Ridge cleanup contractor UCOR is continuing its commitment to STEM education in the community, adding two new educational endeavors to its list of programs focused on reaching and educating students ranging from middle school to trade, community colleges and universities.
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