DOE and NOAA Extend Computing Partnership, Plan for New Supercomputer

The National Climate-Computing Research Center (NCRC), hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), has been supporting the climate research of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the last 11 years – and now, the two institutions have renewed their vows. For at least the next five years, the Department of Energy (DOE, here represented by ORNL) and NOAA will continue to cooperate on the NCRC, including through the commissioning of a brand-new supercomputer.
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Scientists Use High-Performance Computing to Understand Cancer Growth

A multi-institutional team of scientists is using Summit, America's fastest supercomputer for open science, to get a better understanding of how certain proteins signal body cells to reproduce uncontrollably, triggering cancer.
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ORNL Story Tips – January 2021

Story Tips from Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN for January 2021.
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ORNL New engine capability accelerates advanced vehicle research

In the quest for advanced vehicles with higher energy efficiency and ultra-low emissions, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers are accelerating a research engine that gives scientists and engineers an unprecedented view inside the atomic-level workings of combustion engines in real time.
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Six ORNL Scientists Receive Distinguished Inventor Honor

Six scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory were named Battelle Distinguished Inventors, in recognition of obtaining 14 or more patents during their careers at the lab. The honorees join an elite group of inventors recognized by Battelle, the Columbus, Ohio, research firm that co-manages the lab through the UT-Battelle partnership. Since UT-Battelle began managing ORNL in 2000, 77 ORNL researchers have reached this milestone.
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