ORNL’s PlanetSense: Stepping in when Disaster Strikes

As Hurricane Dorian raged through the Bahamas, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory worked around the clock to aid recovery efforts for one of the Caribbean’s worst storms ever.
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Ashley Golden Promoted to Director of ORAU’s Health Studies Program

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education promoted Ashley Golden, Ph.D., to director of its health studies program, where she previously served as a group manager and biostatistician.\ In her new role, Golden will oversee the health studies program, including organizational strategy and implementation along with the day-to-day operations.
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Sara Alert™ Academic Available for Universities to Help Monitor Individuals with COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases surge across the country, the university system is struggling to contain the spread of the disease and keep classes open. Sara AlertTM Academic is available now by subscription for university officials to securely automate the monitoring of students, faculty, and staff exposed to or infected with COVID-19 or any infectious disease.
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ORISE Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Laboratory “Gamifies” Radiation Dose Estimation

The ORISE Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Laboratory (CBL) is the only federally funded facility with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments certification in the United States that uses cytogenetic biodosimetry to assess absorbed radiation dose in exposed individuals. The ORISE Chromosome Challenge game applies crowdsourcing to scale-up the CBL’s ability to respond to mass-casualty incidents. Play the Chromosome Challenge game
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REAC/TS Launches New App for a Variety of Resources on the Go

REAC/TS launched its new RadMed app, providing a wide range of resources on the medical management of radiation incidents that can be downloaded free on mobile devices and utilized while on the go.
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