OREM Prepares Next Batch of Buildings for Demolition

OREM is preparing the next wave of buildings for demolition at the Y-12 National Security Complex as part of a new chapter of cleanup in Oak Ridge. Crews are deactivating three contaminated facilities at Y-12 after transitioning them to a “cold and dark” status in which all potential hazardous energy sources are isolated — a crucial step before full-scale deactivation. The massive cleanup at Y-12 is happening simultaneously with other cleanup projects underway at ORNL, where crews are addressing 16 inactive research reactor and isotope facilities.
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Y-12 Training Center to Teach First Responders to Work Nuclear Emergencies

The land passersby see cleared in west Oak Ridge near the Oak Ridge Turnpike will soon host a training center for first responders, including those responding to nuclear emergencies.
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Y-12 Laboratory Receives Recertification for Nuclear Navy Support

The Analytical Chemistry Organization at Y-12 recently received good news from Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory that ACO completed the annual laboratory requalification to continue supporting nuclear Navy reactors through June 30, 2022.
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Viewpoint: Demonstration AND test reactors: both are necessary for innovation

The impacts of climate change are playing out in real-time all over the world, including in the United States. Oppressive heat domes have blanketed most of the country, severe flooding and storms continue to grow in intensity, and forest fires on the West Coast are ripping through acres of dry land with smoke that can be seen all the way on the East Coast.
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REAC/TS Staff Participate in Silent Thunder Crisis Management Exercise

REAC/TS Director Dr. Carol Iddins, and two of her employees presented and participated in the recent virtual Fort Thunder exercise. Fort Thunder is part of the Silent Thunder exercise series designed to foster collaboration among representatives from local, state, and federal government agencies/organizations with a shared stake in mitigating the effects of a radiological terrorism incident.
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