UTK Filament Tower Still Winning Awards, Showcasing New Technologies

A group of students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville brought their creative know-how together to build the first coreless wound filament tower in North America, and one of the tallest examples of coreless filament winding ever constructed. The 30-foot lattice tower, which featured 3D-printed composite bases and 27 composite components, was awarded the Most Creative Application Award in Design at the American Composites Manufacturers Association Awards in 2020 and was shown at Exhibit Columbus in Columbus, Ind., at its annual fall symposium.
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ORNL New engine capability accelerates advanced vehicle research

In the quest for advanced vehicles with higher energy efficiency and ultra-low emissions, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers are accelerating a research engine that gives scientists and engineers an unprecedented view inside the atomic-level workings of combustion engines in real time.
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Hybrid Program for CNC Machining Training Develops Next Gen High-Tech Machinists in the U.S.

A new hybrid program for CNC machining training has been launched, in part, by IACMI, that combines online learning and in-person machine time to deliver fast, engaging, and high-quality education aimed at developing the next generation of high-tech machinists in the United States.
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TVA and Framatome to Load First 3D-Printed Fuel Assembly Bracket in Commercial Reactor

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will load four new 3D-printed fuel assembly brackets at its Browns Ferry nuclear power plant next spring. The brackets will be the first of their kind loaded into a commercial reactor and demonstrate the latest innovations in additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence. The components were recently manufactured at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in a joint project with TVA and the utility’s fuel supplier, Framatome, as part of the lab’s Transformational Challenge Reactor program. 
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Breakthroughs in Additive Manufacturing Could Hasten Advanced Reactor Development

The development of advanced nuclear reactors is continuing at a rapid pace, but issues still remain working with some specialty materials that are important to these reactors. Teamed with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, engineers and designers at BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) have developed new additive manufacturing technologies for the design and manufacture of reactor components made from high-temperature alloys and refractory metals.
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